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Release 1.4.2

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[f53c7cf]1Package:         adblock2privoxy
[a2fcf33]2Version:         1.4.2
[f53c7cf]3Depends:         libgmp10
[e2b555c]4Architecture:    #ARCH#
[f53c7cf]5Maintainer:      Alexey Zubritskiy <>
7Section:         web
8Priority:        extra
9Recommends:      privoxy, nginx
10Description:     Convert adblock config files to privoxy format
[e2b555c]11 AdBlock Plus browser plugin has great block list files provided by big community,
12 but it is client software and cannot work on a server as proxy.
13 .
14 Privoxy proxy has good potential to block ads at server side,
15 but it experiences acute shortage of updated block lists.
16 .
17 This software converts adblock lists to privoxy config files format.
18 .
19 Almost all adblock features are supported including
20 .
21 * block/unblock requests (on privoxy)
22 .
23 all syntax features are supported except for regex templates matching host name
24 .
25 * hide/unhide page elements (via CSS)
26 .
27 all syntax features are supported
28 .
29 * all block request options except for outdated ones:
30 .
31 Supported: script, image, stylesheet, object, xmlhttprequest, object-subrequest, subdocument,
32 document, elemhide, other, popup, third-party, domain=..., match-case, donottrack
33 .
34 Unsupported: collapse, background, xbl, ping and dtd
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