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Release 1.4.2

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1Package:         adblock2privoxy
2Version:         1.4.2
3Depends:         libgmp10
4Architecture:    #ARCH#
5Maintainer:      Alexey Zubritskiy <>
7Section:         web
8Priority:        extra
9Recommends:      privoxy, nginx
10Description:     Convert adblock config files to privoxy format
11 AdBlock Plus browser plugin has great block list files provided by big community,
12 but it is client software and cannot work on a server as proxy.
13 .
14 Privoxy proxy has good potential to block ads at server side,
15 but it experiences acute shortage of updated block lists.
16 .
17 This software converts adblock lists to privoxy config files format.
18 .
19 Almost all adblock features are supported including
20 .
21 * block/unblock requests (on privoxy)
22 .
23 all syntax features are supported except for regex templates matching host name
24 .
25 * hide/unhide page elements (via CSS)
26 .
27 all syntax features are supported
28 .
29 * all block request options except for outdated ones:
30 .
31 Supported: script, image, stylesheet, object, xmlhttprequest, object-subrequest, subdocument,
32 document, elemhide, other, popup, third-party, domain=..., match-case, donottrack
33 .
34 Unsupported: collapse, background, xbl, ping and dtd
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