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#1 Pass www server url as parameter zubr defect critical
#6 nginx.conf does not work defect critical
#8 copyFile: does not exist (No such file or directory) zubr defect critical
#25 Fatal error: can't load actions file '.\ab2p.system.action defect critical
#27 Failed to build with ghc 7.10.2 zubr defect critical 1.3.2
#29 hGetContents and commitBuffer back errors are back defect critical
#30 commitBuffer: invalid argument defect critical 1.3
#4 Provide distributions packages zubr enhancement major
#7 commitBuffer: invalid argument (invalid character) zubr defect major
#9 rule starting with || not properly converted zubr defect major
#10 Please provide build instructions zubr enhancement major
#11 build instructions or Centos 6 package enhancement major
#17 hGetContents: invalid argument (invalid byte sequence) (adblock2privoxy version 1.3.1) zubr defect major 1.3
#18 how to install the files defect major
#19 FailedConnectionException occurs sometimes defect major 1.3.2
#20 Prebuild binaries for ARM Debian enhancement major Android version 1.3.3
#21 OSX verion enhancement major
#22 set-image-blocker{blank} interferes with netflix defect major 1.3.2
#26 Missing documentation enhancement major
#28 commitBuffer: invalid argument (invalid character) defect major 1.3.2
#32 Fatal error: can't load actions file defect major
#33 Block ad server domains defect major
#36 Add list enhancement major
#13 Useless lines in EasyList conversion defect minor 1.3
#31 Update prebuilt .action and .filter files enhancement minor
#12 directory for privoxy output is not created zubr defect trivial 1.3
#16 [Suggestion] Move .css + web server to plain text EHH method enhancement trivial
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