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Fails to build with ghc 8.0.2

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Version: 1.4.2 Keywords:
Cc: Project: adblock2privoxy


After ghc update the adblock2privoxy v1.4.2 fails to rebuild:

/usr/bin/ghc -package Cabal- --make /var/tmp/portage/net-proxy/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/work/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/Setup.hs -j6 +RTS -A256M -qb0 -RTS -threaded -dynamic -o setup
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( /var/tmp/portage/net-proxy/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/work/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/Setup.hs, /var/tmp/portage/net-proxy/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/work/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/Setup.o )
Linking setup ...
./setup configure --ghc --prefix=/usr --with-compiler=/usr/bin/ghc --with-hc-pkg=/usr/bin/ghc-pkg --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64 --libsubdir=adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/ghc-8.0.2 --datadir=/usr/share/ --datasubdir=adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/ghc-8.0.2 --ghc-options=-j6 +RTS -A256M -qb0 -RTS --with-ar=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-ar --ghc-option=-optc-march=bdver1 --ghc-option=-optc-O2 --ghc-option=-optc-pipe --ghc-option=-optl-Wl,-O1 --ghc-option=-optl-Wl,--sort-common --ghc-option=-optl-Wl,--as-needed --disable-executable-stripping --docdir=/usr/share/doc/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2 --verbose --enable-shared --enable-executable-dynamic --sysconfdir=/etc --disable-library-stripping
Configuring adblock2privoxy-1.4.2...
Dependency MissingH -any: using MissingH-
Dependency base ==4.*: using base-
Dependency case-insensitive -any: using case-insensitive-
Dependency containers -any: using containers-
Dependency directory -any: using directory-
Dependency filepath -any: using filepath-
Dependency http-conduit -any: using http-conduit-2.2.3
Dependency mtl -any: using mtl-2.2.1
Dependency network >=2.4: using network-
Dependency network-uri -any: using network-uri-
Dependency old-locale >=1.0: using old-locale-
Dependency parsec -any: using parsec-3.1.11
Dependency parsec-permutation >= using parsec-permutation-
Dependency strict >=0.3: using strict-0.3.2
Dependency text >=0.11: using text-
Dependency time >=1.4: using time-
Using Cabal- compiled by ghc-8.0
Using compiler: ghc-8.0.2
Using install prefix: /usr
Binaries installed in: /usr/bin
Libraries installed in: /usr/lib64/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/ghc-8.0.2
Dynamic libraries installed in: /usr/lib64/x86_64-linux-ghc-8.0.2
Private binaries installed in: /usr/libexec
Data files installed in: /usr/share/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2/ghc-8.0.2
Documentation installed in: /usr/share/doc/adblock2privoxy-1.4.2
Configuration files installed in: /etc
No alex found
Using ar given by user at: /usr/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-ar
No c2hs found
No cpphs found
Using gcc version 5.3.0 found on system at: /usr/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-gcc
Using ghc version 8.0.2 given by user at: /usr/bin/ghc
Using ghc-pkg version 8.0.2 given by user at: /usr/bin/ghc-pkg
No ghcjs found
No ghcjs-pkg found
No greencard found
Using haddock version 2.17.3 found on system at: /usr/bin/haddock-ghc-8.0.2
No happy found
Using haskell-suite found on system at: haskell-suite-dummy-location
Using haskell-suite-pkg found on system at: haskell-suite-pkg-dummy-location
No hmake found
Using hpc version 0.67 found on system at: /usr/bin/hpc
Using hsc2hs version 0.68.1 found on system at: /usr/bin/hsc2hs
No hscolour found
No jhc found
Using ld found on system at: /usr/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-ld
No lhc found
No lhc-pkg found
Using pkg-config version 0.28 found on system at: /usr/bin/pkg-config
Using strip version 2.25 found on system at: /usr/bin/strip
Using tar found on system at: /bin/tar
No uhc found
./setup build
Building adblock2privoxy-1.4.2...
Preprocessing executable 'adblock2privoxy' for adblock2privoxy-1.4.2...
[ 1 of 17] Compiling Utils            ( src/Utils.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/Utils.dyn_o )
[ 2 of 17] Compiling UrlBlocker[boot] ( src/UrlBlocker.hs-boot, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/UrlBlocker.dyn_o-boot )
[ 3 of 17] Compiling Paths_adblock2privoxy ( dist/build/autogen/Paths_adblock2privoxy.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/Paths_adblock2privoxy.dyn_o )
[ 4 of 17] Compiling ProgramOptions   ( src/ProgramOptions.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/ProgramOptions.dyn_o )
[ 5 of 17] Compiling Templates        ( src/Templates.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/Templates.dyn_o )
[ 6 of 17] Compiling ParsecExt        ( src/ParsecExt.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/ParsecExt.dyn_o )
[ 7 of 17] Compiling Network          ( src/Network.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/Network.dyn_o )

src/Network.hs:20:29: error:
    Not in scope: data constructor ‘FailedConnectionException’
[ 8 of 17] Compiling InputParser      ( src/InputParser.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/InputParser.dyn_o )
[ 9 of 17] Compiling OptionsConverter ( src/OptionsConverter.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/OptionsConverter.dyn_o )
[10 of 17] Compiling PatternConverter ( src/PatternConverter.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/PatternConverter.dyn_o )
[11 of 17] Compiling PolicyTree       ( src/PolicyTree.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/PolicyTree.dyn_o )
[12 of 17] Compiling SourceInfo       ( src/SourceInfo.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/SourceInfo.dyn_o )
[13 of 17] Compiling Statistics       ( src/Statistics.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/Statistics.dyn_o )
[14 of 17] Compiling Task             ( src/Task.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/Task.dyn_o )
[15 of 17] Compiling UrlBlocker       ( src/UrlBlocker.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/UrlBlocker.dyn_o )
[16 of 17] Compiling ElementBlocker   ( src/ElementBlocker.hs, dist/build/adblock2privoxy/adblock2privoxy-tmp/ElementBlocker.dyn_o )


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