Pay together (note)

Track shared expenses

Do you travel in group? Do you make a party? Do you have some other situations when someone is paying for everyone? And do you know who owes whom at the end?

“Pay together” is a useful notebook tracking group expenses and everyone's balance. Your group can repay fully at any moment. Also you can repay for a single member only if he decides to leave the party.

Someone pays for everyone, everyone pay for someone, several members pay for some other members: these and all other combinations are supported.

Additionally you can control everyone's and group expenses at any period to spend money wisely.


  • Tracking expenses in multiple currencies
  • Up to 10 group members
  • Unlimited number of payments
  • Unlimited number of notebooks
  • All payment information on main screen (including everyone's shares)
  • Can split expenses equally in automated way
  • Built-in calculator
  • Minimum taps to create new record
  • Balance statements on any dates period within a month
  • Search for payments by title and text
  • Multilanguage

Update: currently the app is unavailable in AppStore. However, the code is open:

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