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Convert adblock config files to privoxy format


AdBlock Plus browser plugin has great block lists provided by big community, but it is client software and cannot work on a server as a proxy.

Privoxy proxy has good potential to block ads at server side, but it experiences acute shortage of updated block lists.

This software converts adblock lists to privoxy config files format.

Almost all adblock features are supported including

  • block/unblock requests (on privoxy)
    • all syntax features are supported except for regex templates matching host name
  • hide/unhide page elements (via CSS)
    • all syntax features are supported
  • all block request options except for outdated ones:
    • Supported: script, image, stylesheet, object, xmlhttprequest, object-subrequest, subdocument,document, elemhide, other, popup, third-party, domain=..., match-case, donottrack
    • Unsupported: collapse, background, xbl, ping and dtd

Tested with privoxy version 3.0.21. Element blocking feature requires a webserver to serve CSS files. See Nginx and Apache config examples provided.


adblock2privoxy [OPTION...] [URL...]
  -v       --version          show version number
  -p PATH  --privoxyDir=PATH  privoxy config output path (required)
  -w PATH  --webDir=PATH      css files output path (optional, privoxyDir is used by default)
  -t PATH  --taskFile=PATH    path to task file containing urls to process
  -f       --forced           run even if no sources are expired

Example of first run: adblock2privoxy -p /etc/privoxy -w /var/www/privoxy -t my_ab2b.task my_custom.txt

Example of subsequent runs: adblock2privoxy -p /etc/privoxy -w /var/www/privoxy -t my_ab2b.task

The app generates following files

  • privoxyDir:
    • ab2p.system.action
    • ab2p.action
    • ab2p.system.filter
    • ab2p.filter
  • webDir:
    • ab2p.common.css
    • ab2p.css
    • [lot of directories for first level domain names]
  • taskFile:
    • special file containing execution details. It can be reused to update privoxy config from same sources.

How to apply results

1) Install privoxy. Optionally setup it as transparent proxy

2) Change privoxy config file: Add following lines

actionsfile ab2p.system.action
actionsfile ab2p.action
filterfile ab2p.system.filter
filterfile ab2p.filter

3) Install nginx or apache webserver

Nginx config example:

server {
        listen 80;
        #ab2p css domain name (optional)

        #root = webDir parameter value 
        root /var/www/privoxy; 

        location ~ ^/[^/.]+\..+/ab2p.css$ {
          	# first reverse domain names order
			rewrite ^/([^/]*?)\.([^/.]+)(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?/ab2p.css$ /$9/$8/$7/$6/$5/$4/$3/$2/$1/ab2p.css last;

        location ~ (^.*/+)[^/]+/+ab2p.css {
          	# then try to get CSS for current domain
          	# if it is unavailable - get CSS for parent domain
          	try_files $uri $1ab2p.css;

Apache config example:

<VirtualHost *:80>
        #ab2p css domain name (optional)

        #root = webDir parameter value 
        DocumentRoot /var/www/privoxy

        RewriteEngine on

        # first reverse domain names order
        RewriteRule ^/([^/]*?)\.([^/.]+)(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?(?:\.([^/.]+))?/ab2p.css$ /$9/$8/$7/$6/$5/$4/$3/$2/$1/ab2p.css [N]

        # then try to get CSS for current domain
        # if it is unavailable - get CSS for parent domain
        RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
        RewriteRule (^.*/+)[^/]+/+ab2p.css$ $1ab2p.css [N]

4) Find out files to use. Some download locations

5) Run adblock2privoxy providing privoxy dir, web dir and adblock input file urls

6) Restart privoxy and apache to load updated configs

Here you can

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